Hire Micro Digger Kubota in Kent

2x Mini Digger Kubota K008, 1x Dumper

Micro Digger KUBOTA K008 for Hire

Micro digger equipped with rubber tracks, the Micro digger K008 has variable width track frame that can be hydraulically retracted to 700mm to fit through most doorways and expand with the switch of a lever to obtain sure footing while excavating.

This compact machine Micro digger expands job opportunities to places where manual labour is traditionally used. This machine micro digger is equipped with enough breakout force to perform tough excavating jobs in between buildings, inside buildings, and in tunnels. Buckets sizes available are from 230mm to 600mm.

Micro digger Kubota K008-3
A narrow access machine available with a variety of -Quick Hitch- buckets. Combining efficiency and precision in tight work areas, this compact excavator has high output, strong torque, and smooth, powerful operation.

Micro digger Kubota K-008 is the ideal excavator for narrow access jobs. Whether its indoors or out, there s hardly any space that is to small for the micro digger K-008. Its rubber crawlers will contract down to 700mm or extend up to 860mm with a simple flip of a lever. Micro digger K-008 operates quiet enough to work in residential areas day or night.

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